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We try to make youe ordering and shipping procedure very easy and according to your choice of comfort. For this we will be always in touch with you. Every step we complete will be informed to you.

You can click below links of some of the common questions to get answers of your queries.
- How would I know that my order is conformed ?
- Can I know the actual delivery time of my order?
- How could I get the details of shipment of my order?
- How could I get the information about the shipping charges?
- What is the Process of shipment of my order?
- Which are your delivery areas?

Order confirmation enquiry
As soon as an order qualifies for the payment , a conformation e-mail is sent to you. This e-mail will contain your order number which you can use for future reference to check the status of the order..
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Delivery time
When any order is conformed goes to shipping department from there it goes to courier. Then the courier delivers the item to you. The “shipping time” shows the time we take to deliver the item to courier. You can add 1-3 days depending on the place of delivery for courier to deliver it at your doorsteps. 

Please note that no shipment is done on Sundays and public holidays since our courier partners are off on those days.
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Details of shipment
As soon as item of your order is shipped or handed over to the courier ,an e-mail is sent to you giving the shipment information. Along with it we will also mention the consignment number under which the item has been shipped. 
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Shipping Charges
We try our best to make affordable shipping charges.

If you have multiple number of a single item then each number will be counted as one unit to calculate the shipping charges. We would like to inform you that shipping charges calculation depends on weight and volume of the product and the country to which it has to be shipped. Cost of shipping, packaging and cost of handling all are included in shipping charges. 
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Shipment Mode
All the orders are packed at our warehouse and then they are shipped to our courier partners
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Shipment Locations