How to Order

Follow some simple steps to get the best Rakhi and Rakhi gifts for your loved

  1. Select the most desired product for you from the display page. After giving the number or quantity of products which you are going to purchase, click on “Buy Now”. You can also see the large image of any of your selected products or any other product.
  2. Now on this step you will be able to view your selected product which you are going to purchase. Here you will get some features like "Checkout", "Add more item", "Update", and "Remove item".
  3. Now it is required to give the name of the country where the product is required to be delivered. Now you need to click the "Check Out” button in the cart. After this, you have to fill the Order form i.e. “Billing Information" in which you will place your order and "Shipping Section" and here you have to fill the details of the recipient. Make sure that the information you are filling are correct.
  4. Now you can go for payment option that is given in two different modes. Choose the best one for you.
    • In the first option you are require to pay through debit card, visa card, net banking, or diners’ card.
    • In the second option you are require to pay through visa card, PayPal, diners’ card, or master card. You can pay directly if you are having a PayPal account and in case if you are not having a pay pal account then enter the information related to your credit card.

Just give the full details about whatever they are asking for and pay the amount for your selected product.
In case if you are facing any trouble or problem, then feel free to ask us at