Safe shopping

It is good to go with online Rakhi shopping!

Here at we are much known for offering you a best in class secure and reliable online shopping experience. Below mentioned are certain things which will help you to know about the reliability of online shopping with us. As a purchaser there are certain things which you need to go through before you go for the online transaction:

  1. If you are going with online shopping then it is very important to know about the background, and company to whom you are going to deal with. You can get all these information by just going with "About Us" option.
  2. You must have a way through which you can get in contact with the appropriate people at online shopping over email, phone, and live chat or in person.
  3. Before ordering any kind of product try to go through the "Privacy Policy" option, where you will be able to know about the reliability of the website. If you will read the whole section then you will come to understand about the particular website.
  4. Before submitting your debit card or credit card, try to be sure that the links which are being provided are secure and safe. We at offer SSL i.e. Secure Socket Layer technique which is completely based on encryption technique. If you will go with this technique then you may not face any issues in future.
  5. The best thing with us is that we also ask for the CVV i.e. Credit Verification Value from the customers, so that we can maintain the security in a better and reliable way. This is the number which is generally available only at the backside of your card.
  6. In case if you are using direct saving bank account debit, then you must be connected to the website of the bank in the direct way, which ensures that you are submitting or sharing your details with the bank only.
  7. If you will go through these simple steps then you can enjoy the advantages of online shopping. We are inviting you to try our online shopping, which is among one of the best way to deliver your parcel on time.